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What is Marketing? If you think about the basic meaning of ‘Marketing’; different people have different opinions about marketing. A person who sells his tea outside the railway station and Jio selling their sim card. They both have a business doesn’t matter which one is small or big; both are using strategies to sell their product. There are different ways to do marketing. You may find a different opinion from generation to generation. In the era of digitalization, people have a new platform through which they can enhance their business that is Digital marketing. So let’s see what digital marketing is and the usefulness of this is in your business.

Digital marketing is basically a platform to promote your business online. In traditional marketing, we promote our product by using a different medium like a newspaper, palm lets, hoarding, mouth to mouth publicity and so many. Nowadays everybody is using Facebook, Whats app, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram etc. We frequently find ads while using them that is what is called Digital marketing. Digital marketing includes Content Marketing, Email marketing, Mobile marketing, social media marketing, Search engine marketing etc.

Along with promotion Digital marketing provide you with a place not only for your product but also for the other product. For instance, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are the online marketplaces where they sell the products. Some of the companies provide a service to book their products on their website. If I particularly talk about services we entertained nowadays which are an online taxi or movie ticket booking. These are examples of digital marketing.

Advantages of Digital marketing-

1. It helps to reach your potential customers. It is observed that 90% of potential customers use a search engine.

2. You can reach maximum people in a very lesser time. By using a bidding strategy you can reach your target customers.

3. You can make changes to the content of the ad. There is no restriction to make changes in your ad. If we compare this with traditional marketing it is quite difficult.

4. It is cost-effective. Lesser the cost compared with the traditional method.

5. It gives real-time analysis. It helps to monitor your ads. According to the response of the customer, you can make the changes in your strategy.

Opportunities in Digital marketing-

1. India is the 2nd largest internet user company. In the past few years people change mindset they are more on youtube rather than TV. They read blogs instead of newspapers. So digital marketing will be an effective platform in near future.

2. Digital marketing helps to increase your business.

3. As digital marketing expertise, you can run campaigns for other companies or startups. Marketing is one of the biggest concerns in the business

4. Digital marketing helps you to increase your credibility. For instance by blogging you can reach maximum people.

Digital marketing is an effective tool for a business. It is an emerging field in marketing. The result that we get from digital marketing does not seem instant. It will grow like a tree. It takes time to build but after a period of time, it is more solid and gives the fruit to your business.