Necessity of SEO

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If you search for on Search engine for some information it gives you thousands of pages in just a few seconds. Have you ever notice that some of them always rank high or they are found in the golden triangle. If you have a website for your business and it is not found in the top result there where least or no existence of your website on the internet. For instance, suppose you have a mobile phone selling store in a city. There where other mobile phone sellers too. Then how would you be the top one among all of them? Websites also have the same competition to rank on the top. Let’s see what is the necessity of SEO in Search engines.

What is Crawler – 

Search engines sent auto robots to your website which is called “Crawler” or “Spiders”. The role of the crawlers is to collect the data from your website like Text, Content, Links, Page titles and other relevant information. The collected information was stored on the server of the search engine. There is a massive database centre search engine has.

Crawlers are not the human they are Auto robots. So, they were gone through circumstances where they cannot able to understand the information on a website like,

Non-Text content- Crawlers are able to read the text but not able to recognize images, videos, audio files, photos, flash files etc.

Login forms- while collecting the information it seems to be difficult to collect information which is hidden.

Errors in the websites- Error on the website may cause difficulty for crawlers.

Fraudulent information- Duplicate of the same page. This is the major reason where search engines are not tolerated. They are always looking for new information.

A website designer must be understood that they must be tag the Non-Text information on the website so crawler gets the whole information.

Every search engines have their own algorithm. They rank every information on their own algorithm. Even humans are not to interrupt their algorithm. The most interesting thing is, the algorithm keeps changing frequently. So, no one can analyze or decode the structure of the algorithm.

If you optimize your website then there is scope to get your website in the top. If you are not optimizing your website then you are nowhere on the internet. Make sure that your content is must be new, informative, relevant and useful to users. Content is the king of your website. Crawlers come to your website frequently but if they don’t find new information the frequency may reduce. If crawlers do not come to your website then they were not able to rank your website. Hence it is the cause for last in the search result.  

Search engines always try to give the most relevant information to their users according to the keyword they type into the search box. They also try to give the information in lesser time. Well if your website is not properly optimized then crawlers then even if your website have good content but it cannot be shown on the top result. Here is the necessity of SEO.