From Google AdWords To Google Ads

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Google Ads is the platform where the marketers pay to display their advertisement on the Google ad network to their users. Since last 18 years, Google makes so many changes in this platform. Previously ‘Google Ads’ are known as ‘Google AdWords’. But, From 24 July 2018, it is renamed as ‘Google Ads’.

Google ads provide a different type of ads such as Display Ads, Video Ads, Text Ads etc. Marketers use this ad type according to their relevance.

How Google Ads Works-

When a user searches on google for some query or question. The user type keywords related to that question or query. Now Google shows the Ads related to that keywords. For Instance, you want to repair your mobile phone. You search it for that, Google search result shows the ads for stores at the top of the search result. Now in this example, the keywords are the ‘Mobile repair shop’ you search.

 If I particularly talk about video Ads, You might see that the Ads should be pop in the beginning or in the middle of the video (Sometimes it is found to be annoying).

Google shows you ads according to keywords and cookies. You might observe that you surfing for a product on Amazon. Then when visiting another website, the Ad of that product should appear on that website. Now here cookies play a role. Google tracks the cookies of your device and shows the ads according to that. This is what is called Remarketing in the Digital Ads.

Google Marketing Platform-

This is the new feature introduced by Google Ads. Google merges Double click Adviser Products and Google analytics 360 Suite and makes one platform for Marketers. It will help you to find buying behaviour, optimize digital media, decision making in one umbrella.

It insights give comprehensive information about consumer behaviour. It will help with product advocacy.

Search Ads 360-

Double Click search is renamed as Search Ads 360. It will help you to plan, measure and buy search campaign on search engines.

Display & Video 360 –

It is the combination of Campaign Manager, Studio and audience centre, Bid manager. It will help the efficiency of the campaign. The Bid manager analyzes how much you want to pay on a particular auction. It improves the transparency in the auction and bid. Campaign Manager helps to helps in deciding the timing and place. Which helps to utilize the proper bidding for a product.

Changes in Google AdWords-

1. The logo & Name was changed

2. The URL was changed. It changes from to

3. It was updated in the Help centre, Billing documents, product interface etc.

4. Help centre changed from to

5. New campaign type. especially for small businesses. Google using machine learning technology which provides more results in less bidding.

Google ad is the latest version of Google AdWords. The features they are providing it found to be easier to access and useful lucrative platform for Digital advertisement.