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Example 1- An electrician comes to our home to fix a problem regarding electrical appliances. He comes with the toolkit to repair the fault.

Example 2- When a car is designed for a car assembly the designer and carmaker make an excellent car with their tools.

Now if we compare and understand from the above two examples; we can understand that if we want to repair something of the existing one or to create something new we need tools.

Tools play a vital role in daily life. Tools make the device more compatible, reliable, help to change creativity into reality. 

Similarly, In the world of internet, you have a business and to improve that your must-have tools. Well if you have an existing business (Compare with example 1) you have to “repair” it with the tools. As the trend of marketing is changing, people are moving from traditional to digital marketing. Every business should have a website. The best one is marketers get aware of that. So, they make their own website of their business.

If I particularly talk about the new startups which are entering into the market. They come with the Website and mobile app (Compare with example 2). So, they “assemble” their business according to market requirement. Which is absolutely great.

Nowadays, everyone wants to make a website for their business. The website is an asset for a business. So to enrich that website, you must have some tools.

Google gives you several Free Tools which helps to bring your website useful to your business. A useful website means a lot in digital marketing. Website rank in a top of the first page, Ads on the websites for revenue generation, Website landing experience, SEO, SEM etc. These are the aspect of consideration while working on a website

For all kind of information which you to know about your website, Google gives you in one click. Google made some tools which help you to analyze your website which help you to improve the performance. The tools are so effective while decision making. It gives you all the information to bring the website up.

Tools help to make a strategic analysis. In traditional marketing, if you have to do marketing research, you have to visit the place to place to know the trend, audience reach, were from the people come from, their age, demographics etc. A Google tool gives you all the information in graphical format. Which easy to simplify and understand. 

List of Google Tools-

1. Google Ads

2. Google Analytics

3. Google AdSense

4. Google Keyword Planner

5. Google Blogger

6. Google Blog search

7. Google Books

8.  Google Alters

9. Google Chrome

10. Google Search Console

11. Google insights

12. Google Docs

13. Google Trends

14. Google Gadgets

15. Google Double click Ad planner

16. Gmail

17. Google +1 Button

18. Google+

19. Google Places

20. Google Reader

21. Google Translate

22. Google Drive

23. Google Voice

24. Google Calendar

25. YouTube

Google gives free services to their users. Along with that, they have some paid tools too which give more insights into a website. It is user-friendly and easy to assess. That is why some people make a statement that ‘Google is God’. With these features, they have the rights to create a monopoly in the market.