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There are millions of websites are coming out in a search result for a particular topic that you search. Variety content created for a particular topic. Have you ever observe that what still some of the websites are in a Golden Triangle. Content is the King of your website. Other than that Keywords also play a vital role to keep your website up in the search result.

The keyword is the identity of your websites. The search engine gives the results according to keywords that the user insert. If the keywords are relevant to your website or website page it will stand at the top. It is a simple task if you created your website in WordPress. You can insert keywords for your website pages.

How to insert keywords in WordPress-

Step 1 – Log in to WordPress account

Step 2 – Click on Posts (Left side)

Step 3- (i) Click on All post if you want to edit the existing keywords of the content.

(ii) Click on Add New if you want to add keywords for new content.

Step 4- Click on Edit for existing content and if you add new content directly go to Tags (Right side).

Step 5- In tags, you can add as many as keywords.

Selection of keywords is also an art. For that, we have to analyze various parameters like Trending, Keyword difficulty, Volume, Results.

There are so many Paid and Unpaid Keyword Analytics tools are available on the internet. In which is found good according to me. It’s a paid tool. Semrush gives the whole analytics of your website. But if I particularly talk about keywords, It gives all the information in the customized form. Let’s see how to use Semrush effectively.

After login into the Semrush, you find Keyword analytics in Left side. Which is consists of Overview, Phrase match, Related keywords, Ad history, Keyword difficulty, Keywords magic tool? If you search for a specific keyword it will give the whole analysis which I mention above. It will help to which keyword is suitable for that content.

If your content is good people come to your website again but for that, you have to reach the audience where keyword plays an important role. While searching on Semrush it gives the millions of keywords for a particular heading. We have to analyze the keywords which are best suitable for our topic. For example, I am searching keywords for ‘Digital marketing’ then I have to analyze and choose the best keywords from the millions of keywords according to the various parameter.

It often observed that the wrong or irrelevant keywords harm your good content. The keyword is part of SEO. If you do not optimize your website with the keywords it will not come in the top of the search result. Practising will make you perfect in finding the right keywords. You have to visit and make some changes in the existing keywords because Google is always making the changes in their algorithm.