How to grow a business without spending money on marketing

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Have you observed that, when you go to a mall, a person is standing with the gate up of Mickey Mouse in front of the children’s play store? This is one of the classic examples of Guerrilla Marketing. When a child sees that Mickey Mouse he/she like that get up and this is the cause for conversion in that store. The get-up makes an effect on the subconscious mind of the children.  

Meaning of Guerrilla marketing-

Guerrilla marketing is the way of doing an advertisement in an unusual manner. Basically, it is the type of advertisement where ads are generated in an unconventional way.

The best example of Guerrilla marketing, which I found very interesting. A barber made a Golden shaving razor. The cost of the razor blade is ₹3, 50,000 ($5010). Now the hairdresser is famous in that town. Even the news reporter takes the attention of that Golden razer. Now in this case the Golden razor is the cause for engagement, reach and conversion.   

In traditional marketing, we use Hoarding, Banners, TV, Radio, Newspaper etc. These are the expensive way of doing marketing. Only those giants company can afford this which have sufficient budget for marketing. It is based on how much money you can able to spent to show your ad on that platform.

Guerrilla marketing is based on how innovative your idea is. The challenge in this marketing is how unusual your idea is. It is not based on the cost you want to spend on the ad. But it is mainly focused on creativity that you makes the ad different and the cause of attention.

In mainly depend on the idea. An idea which stays in the mind of customers. Guerrilla marketing requires more energy to engage people. Generally, people are engaging with emotions. So make the innovative idea to generate traffic.

How Digital marketing works in Guerrilla marketing-

When the idea is famous in a region it should become viral and the cause for generating traffic. People talk about the product. It will become subject to Word of mouth.

Now, some people take the photograph or video of that presentation and upload on social media platforms. Here is Digital marketing plays an important role. The product which is famous in the particular region; now it is famous in the country and in the world.

This is called Viral marketing or Buzz marketing. The product which is limited to a particular region now it becomes famous worldwide. People started to share the video or photograph on Facebook and You-Tube. Which generate the curiosity in the people to experience the product or service.

Guerrilla marketing helps to grow small and medium scale businesses. They don’t have a big budget to market their product. It is an inexpensive mode of marketing where reach and engagement can be increased by using social media.