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‘TREND’! Nowadays this word is so common; we frequently used this word. For Example, the trends of movie songs are changed. The lyrics, instruments, singers all change. The trend is changing from time to time. As time changes the Trend was changed. So, as the trend changes people starting to search that on Google. Let’s see how to find out the trending search choirs on google and what the applications of google trends are.

Google Trend 

Google trend is a tool which gives information about most search queries on Google.

Along with that, it gives the other information regarding that particular search term.

Features Google Trends-

1. Search according to Country- Google Trends shows the results according to the country. It helps to analyze the trend of a particular term in a google search.

2. Search and Compare the search terms- You can compare and search terms. It shows the results in graphical form. Therefore it is easy to simplify the comparison between the terms.

3. The trend in time-lapse- It shows the result in different time duration. You can see the trends of queries in Hours, Days, Months and Years. It also allows for the custom time range.

4. Search according to Categories- If you find the queries according to a particular profession and work. Google Trends allows you to by selecting the different categories like Art, Books, Business, Health and many more.

5. Trends according to search- Quires can be search according to Images, General search, News, Youtube etc. trends can help you to find the data on the different mode of search.

6. Related Topics- Google trends shows the topics which are rising and top in the search result. You can find the results, particularly in the Rising or Top category.

7. Related Queries- Google trends shows the topics which are related to that search term. For example, if someone searches for a laptop then they also search the laptop accessories. So google trends show the terms related to that which are most trending.

8. Interest by subregion- It is the category where you can effectively search the queries according to sub-regions of a particular country.

How to use Google trends features effectively-

Let me explain you with an example, you are searching for ‘digital marketing’. You can see the trends in India in that in a particular city. You find the results according to time, category, topic and the related queries regarding Digital marketing.

Google trends help to make the conclusion for finding the topic. It helps to research plays a very important role in digital marketing. So, by using this tool you can analyze the trending topics which are helpful for image marketing, video marketing or blogging etc. it helps to make a decision that which queries is trending over time. For bloggers, it helps to find the trending topics or other post related to that. It also helps to find effective keywords according to trends result. Google trends are a free tool. There is no sign-up procedure for that. Google made it so simply navigate.