Be Alert!… With Google Alerts!

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Atul has a business of Garments. He wants to be alert regarding the new fashion trends, the new advancement in the cotton, types of clothes etc. For that, he wants to be alert in the market. He must be aware of his competitor and the new versions of the clothing. Now to get the information he fined the way. He makes a good relationship with the wholesaler, Visit the Garments exhibition etc. He is sustained in the market and run his business successfully.

If you have a business you must be alert about what is happening around you. Google gives a tool called Google alerts.

What is Google Alerts –

Google search engine provides the information through mail about the new content or search term is added in the search engine.

How Google Alerts works-

It’s very simple! Follow the following steps.

Step 1- Login with your Gmail account. 

Step 2- Find the search term ‘google alerts’. It always finds in the golden triangle. Otherwise, go to With this link, you will be redirected to Google alerts.

Step 3- Create an alert about your interest or query.

Step 4- You will get the alert regarding your interest or query. 

Features of Google Alerts-

 1. Google alerts give access to find out any new content; which is a search on the google search engine.

2. It provides the information regarding News, Blogs, Articles, Discussions, Video, Books, and Finance etc. you can choose the ‘Automatic’ option it will give the alerts about all the sections. 

3. You can change the frequency of alert. For example, you want to get an alert about ‘Garments’. Then it gives the option of how often you want to the alerts on your Gmail.

4. You can choose the preferred Language. With this setting, you will get the alerts in your preferred language.

5. Search according to the region. You can get the alerts according to the preferred country. It gives specific information in the country. It will help to get the latest trends in a particular region.

6. You can find the region according to the result type. There is two option available for that, ‘only the best result’ and ‘all result’.

7. Alert Suggestions- It gives the alert of most trending search in the specific categories like Movie, Sport, Politics, News, Technology, Finance etc. you can choose the preferred topic from the categories.

8. You can delete or add n number of alerts in Google Alerts.

Advantages of Google Alerts-

1. It is a very helpful tool for bloggers. Because of the alerts, bloggers get the information new search term. Which is helpful for finding the new topic on the internet.

2. This tool helps a businessman. Like in the above example of Atul.

3. It helps Students to find the new topics for their Project and Report.

Limitations of Google Alerts-

It is observed that for some topics they don’t have enough data to show. The search result was come up with the older search result.

Google alert tool is very beneficial for all kind of professionals. The tool has some limitations but Google support always helps to come out from that problem. Over a period of time, it will be more niche in the information.